Protecting the Network

If you're planning to excavate, the last thing you want to do is hit a cable. Please play it safe. Before you dig, use our cable location services to check what's underneath.

Cable location services

Call 0800 B4U DIG (0800 248 344) to find out if there are any cables running under your site and where they're located. You can either request a plan or full on-site cable location assistance from a local Chorus service technician. Where high capacity cables are at risk, we offer a free ‘standover' service with our technician on site in an advisory role during excavation. You can also request plans or location or standover services by filling in the online form on the BeforeUdig website.

Hours of operation

We’re available 8:00am to 5pm, Monday to Friday for routine requests, or at any other time (evenings and weekends) for emergencies only. Charges apply for out of hours requests.

Plan service

The plan service is free. All we ask is that you give us at least two working days notice.

chorus 025

On-site service

If you’d like us to visit your site, the BeforeUdig centre will electronically page a service technician with your request. Once the cable is located, its position is marked with purple paint as a digging guide. To establish the cable's exact location, you should begin your work carefully.

On-site cable location is free if you're working on private property or your dig site crosses a high-capacity cable (e.g. a fibre cable). Again, we need at least 2 working days notice. There is a fee for cable locations on public or council land.

If you work for a company is involved with earthworks regularly, we offer free training with for your staff.

Our Cable Location Service Training emphasises the importance of identifying underground services and using safe digging practices. Companies and individuals completing the programme receive a certificate recognising their participation.