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Welcome to your Chorus optical network terminal.

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The Optical Network Terminal (ONT)

This device is your Optical Network Terminal (ONT). It connects the modem supplied by your broadband provider to the Chorus fibre network.

The ONT belongs to Chorus and if you move you should leave it in this property for the next resident or tenant.

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If the lights of your modem aren't on check it is plugged in properly and the rest of the house has power

What to do if your optical network terminal is not working.

If you are having problems with your internet connection you should ring your broadband provider and report a fault. Your broadband provider will contact Chorus if they believe a technician's visit is necessary to fix the fault.

Your ONT is an electronic device and it needs to be connected to a power supply. If the lights are off check that it is plugged in and there is power in the property

The problem could be with our equipment in the exchange, the ONT, or the modem supplied by your broadband provider. The lights on the ONT may give you some indication of what the issue is. Turning your ONT off and on is unlikely to fix the problem.

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Function Light colour and behaviour Description
POWER Off No power
Red solid Operating from battery not mains power
Green solid Operating from mains supply - normal
OPTICAL Off There is no active service on the line. If you have just connected to our fibre network it could be a provisioning problem - call your broadband provider
Red solid There could be a problem with the equipment in the exchange and all other connections will be affected as well - call your broadband provider
Green solid Your internet is connected correctly
Green flashing You are using your connection
ALARM Off Everything is working fine
Red solid The ONT has failed - - call your broadband provider
Green solid No alarm
LAN1 Off No service provisioned or no connection detected - - call your broadband provider
Yellow solid 1 Gbps local network connection detected - normal
Yellow flashing 1 Gbps local network connection in use - normal
Green solid 100 Mbps local network connection detected - normal
Green flashing 100 Mbps local network connection in use - normal
LAN2-LAN4 Off These will not light up unless there is a connection to these ports then they will work as above. It is possible to use more than one broadband provider and their service will be delivered off one of these other ports
POTS Off No telephone line is provisioned or there is no connection as all phones on the connection are hung up
Green solid Phone is off the hook / Phone is in use
Green flashing Phone has been off the hook for over an hour
UPDATE Off Normal
Red solid There has been a software download failure to the ONT - - call your broadband provider
Green flashing An update to the software in the ONT is underway. Give it 10 minutes or so and if there is still no service ring your broadband provider