About RBI

Read about our role, what you need to be fibre eligible and those upgraded areas from Northland to Southland.

Rural fibre

Search your address to see if you have RBI fibre access. Then find out what it takes to install underground lead-in pipes on your property.

Electric fences

Do you hear a tick-tick-tick sound on your phone line? It could be interference from electric fences that are poorly constructed or not earthed correctly.


Discover the challenges created by distance in terms of copper networks built for voice, as well as DSL broadband services.

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Fibre for home

Let us fill you in on everything you need to know about the consent process, as well as ordering and installing better broadband.


Digging for homeowners

Digging post holes for a new fence or replacing your driveway? Damaging our cables can severely impact your neighbours and the wider community.


Our network

Fact: the core of our business is the nationwide network of fibre optic and copper cables connecting homes and businesses together.