Broadband Capability Map

Our map gives you an indication of what broadband services are currently available at your address and planned upgrades including Ultra-Fast Broadband and Rural Broadband Initiative.

Check what broadband is available at your address

This information provided by our map is indicative and you need to confirm services by contacting your telecommunications service provider.




Things to know about our map information 

  • The dates and locations of our roll out are indicative as they are subject to some change and we have provided them to you on an information only basis.  You should not rely on this information without talking to your broadband provider.
  • This gives you Chorus network capability. We do not offer services directly to homes or businesses so you need a service provider that offers services over the Chorus network.
  • You need to talk to your broadband provider to confirm what broadband services are available at your home or business.
  • Following an upgrade it is possible that some older modem types might have connectivity issues. Please contact your broadband provider if you have problems following an upgrade.
  • The services and speeds that you get will depend on your broadband provider.
  • The experience you get is subject to some factors which is worth bearing in mind. This includes distance from the exchange or cabinet, home wiring, age of your computer, operating system, your modem and broadband plan.

Why our deployment dates change 

We provide indicative dates on our map to give you an idea of when you may be able to access upgraded broadband services.

However, both UFB and RBI are very large projects and we have hundreds of teams working around the country building the new network - and things happen.

Weather can have a major impact, especially where we are undertaking digging and trenching.

It can take longer to get approval from councils to begin work. Resource Management Act issues may also delay the start of work in an area.