Test your broadband speed

Run the Chorus Speed Test to check your broadband speed and learn what you could do to maximise your connection.

How to test your speed

Here are some tips before you press the 'GO' button.

  • screen icon

    One at a time

    Make sure no one is using your connection at the same time.

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    Restart your device

    Make sure there are no apps open which could interfere with the result.

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    Stand next to your modem

    Where the signal is strongest.

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WiFi speed vs plan speed

New Zealand runs on fibre. And when you have fibre installed in your home or business, you’ve got access to some of the fastest and most reliable broadband in the world. However, sometimes your WiFi set-up can prevent you from getting the best performance from your fibre connection. Don’t worry though, with some simple tweaks you can improve your WiFi set-up to enjoy your fibre to its full potential.

Why is your WiFi speed different to your plan speed?

You can think of the speed advertised for your broadband plan (or plan speed) as representing the full capacity of a broadband service to your home or workplace.

At this point, your broadband is typically shared from the modem to multiple devices around the property via WiFi. WiFi signals can be affected based on your set-up, such as your modem placement or interfering walls, meaning WiFi speeds often end up being less than the plan speed. However, there are a number of other factors that impact WiFi speed including the service provider you go with and the age of your device or modem.

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