Plug it in

Use an ethernet cable to plug your computer into your modem. Ethernet cables can deliver data many times faster than Wi-Fi, so always plug in your laptop or PC before you start your test.

Close or restart

Restart your computer or close applications (like image editors, video and music streaming apps) that can slow down your computer and skew your test results.

One at a time

Make sure nobody else is online. If other family members are using the internet when you run your test, there will be less bandwidth (or capacity on your connection) to run the test properly. Turn off your router\'s Wi-Fi and disconnect ethernet cables from other devices like your TV.

Choose a server

Choose a speed test server that is hosted by your broadband provider in the city nearest to you (you can select your preferred server in the settings tab of the Chorus speed test).

Download and upload

Streaming movies, TV, music and games requires lots of information to move quickly from the internet to your computer, device or TV. The more megabits per second you see in your upload and download results, the stronger your connection.


Ping measures the time (or delay) it takes data to move from one device to another and back again. If the website you are trying to reach is far away or busy, then it will take longer to receive a response and your ping with be high.


Data is transmitted across the internet as a series of packets. These packets usually move at a regular rate and are stitched back together on the destination computer. If the rate of delay between those packets becomes irregular or increases then your jitter value will go up.

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