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Broadband connection types explained

Not all broadband is created equal. Before you choose a plan with your broadband provider it’s good to understand the difference between the technologies and connection types available.


Fibre is the best broadband available, delivering the ultra-fast speeds up to 940Mbps and the most consistent performance. The speed of your connection is determined by the plan you order from your broadband provider and your WiFi set up. We recommend at least 100Mbps to really unleash the benefits of fibre.

100Mbps or 200Mbps fibre is great for households wanting to do more online, at the same time, without slowing anyone down. You’ll be able to do more, and do it faster.

Upgrade to the best broadband

Fibre is the best – and fastest – residential broadband connection available on our network. If you’re already connected to our fibre network, upgrading is easy – simply talk to your broadband provider.

Fibre is a new technology so if you’re not already connected to our fibre network there’s some work we need to do to get you connected.

Super fast VDSL

VDSL is fast broadband delivering speeds of up to 130Mbps. As part of our programme of network upgrades VDSL is available right now to 80% of New Zealand homes and businesses. It provides a great experience for most users and if you’ve got more than one person accessing the internet there’s generally more than enough to go around.

VDSL uses our fibre network to get to a cabinet positioned on the street, and then the copper network from the cabinet to your house. It still provides a dedicated connection to your home so you don’t have to compete with the neighbours for bandwidth when you’re online.

Find out more: Check what kind of broadband is available at your place


This is our basic broadband service. It provides a good service with speeds of up to 24Mbps.

ADSL uses the copper network which provides a dedicated line to your property so there’s bandwidth available just for you and the connection from our network to your property won’t slow down in peak times like nights and weekends.

However, you’ll have a better experience if you upgrade to VDSL or fibre. 80% of the country can access VDSL now, so chances are it’s available at your place. VDSL plans generally cost the same as ADSL. Just use our broadband checker to see if you can access better options at your place then contact an internet provider. They will upgrade your plan and may send out a new router. Easy!


Wireless broadband currently uses 4G mobile networks. You’ll need a strong 4G signal at your place to get the best experience and connection speeds will vary as they can be impacted by interference from things like the landscape, buildings and the weather.

Unlike ADSL, VDSL and fibre, the signal is shared with everyone using the network, which means performance can diminish at peak times when more people are trying to get online.

Bear in mind that unless you pay extra for a copper line, you’ll be removing yourself from the copper network. You’ll still have a landline if you opt for one, but it will operate off the wireless modem. It would pay to check whether your existing home phones and security alarms will still operate if you go wireless. It’s also worth remembering that all wireless connections come with a data cap so unless you’re a low data user, this may not be the best connection for you.

Wireless may be an option for people who are too far from a cabinet to get a fast fixed connection. It may also be a good stop-gap for those waiting for better fixed broadband, such as fibre or VDSL to become available. But check to see when upgrades are happening at your place before you lock yourself into a contract.

Upgrade your broadband connection

Upgrading your broadband connection is the quickest and easiest way to improve your internet experience. Did you know 60% of New Zealand homes and businesses have a better broadband option available to them they aren't taking advantage of?

A better connection generally means faster speeds, better quality and a more enjoyable experience online and it’s so easy to do. You can also use a site like Broadband Compare or Glimp to compare plans and options from different providers.

If you’re not sure what connection you have, use the Chorus Broadband Checker to find out the connection you’re on now and what options are available at your place. Check with your provider to find out what you've got.

Test out your broadband speed

Speed test

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