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Tips to get an accurate test result

One at a time

Make sure nobody else is online and disconnect all other devices other than the computer or device you’re conducting the test with.

Stand next to your router

Make sure you are standing close to your router before you begin. (You may also use an ethernet cable to plug directly into your computer or device.)

Close or restart

Restart the computer or device you're testing with and close applications. (Such as image editors, video and music streaming apps, etc.)

Check out your results

You will quickly receive a number that indicates your broadband speed. The result should be around the advertised speed of your broadband plan. Not quite there? Check out our tips for better connections. Read our explainer to better understand your results.

How to test your broadband speed

Tips to improve your broadband speed

What can affect my broadband performance?

The Chorus fibre and copper network is constantly being improved to ensure it delivers you the best broadband service available, but it doesn't work in isolation.

Tips to improve your broadband speed

Getting the best out of your broadband isn’t all about the plan you’re on. Even with the best connection in the world, you can run into problems getting a great broadband experience.

Getting the best home wifi experience

Whether it's the buffering of an episode of your latest Netflix series, or that annoying lag in receiving an email, there's nothing more frustrating than dodgy internet access.