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Are you on the best available broadband?

Our favourite streaming media players

All New Zealand’s favourite shows and sports can be found on streaming apps like Netflix, Lightbox, TVNZ OnDemand, ThreeNow and FANPASS.

These popular apps are supported on a range of streaming boxes, casting sticks and smart TVs. Before purchasing, check that your streaming device supports your favourite streaming app.

Whatever you choose, Chorus is bringing you the best broadband to support every connected device in your home.

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Casting sticks are portable and affordable

Casting sticks plug straight into the back of your TV — no box required. This means they’re great for adding to secondary TVs, like in your kitchen or bedroom. You need a smartphone or tablet to control them.

The Expert Take
From $68.99
The most affordable and basic option for streaming your favourite content onto the big screen. Use your phone, tablet or laptop as a remote control.
Chromecast Ultra
From $109.99
An even better option that supports 4k and HDR streaming. It has a built in Ethernet port so you can plug it directly into your broadband modem.

Device pricing has been sourced from on 13 August 2018. For reference purposes only, subject to variation.

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Streaming boxes are packed with modern features

A small box that plugs into your TV which you control with an included remote. They typically have the most features and widest selection of streaming services, and receive the most frequent software updates.

The Expert Take
Apple TV
From $250
Apple TV has a Wide range of streaming apps and cool features like Airplay that lets you stream your favourite content from your phone, tablet or laptop to the big screen.
PlayStation 4
From $489
PlayStation has their own live TV service with PlayStation Vue. It’s nice to have all of your gaming and streaming on a single device.
Xbox One S
From $728
If you’re an Xbox gamer already, both the Xbox One S and Xbox One X have a wide array of streaming services. They’re relatively supportive of third-party streaming options.

Device pricing has been sourced from on 13 August 2018. For reference purposes only, subject to variation.

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Smart TVs don’t require any extra hardware

With a smart TV, all you need to do is turn it on and use the included remote control. They are easy to use and support a wide range of streaming apps.

Upcoming streaming events

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Your top streaming questions answered

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Your best broadband options for streaming

Get an unlimited gig data plan to ensure the best streaming experience. This way you can watch whatever you want and not have to worry about running out. Contact your service provider to upgrade your account.

Offers a better, more reliable internet experience with less buffering than basic broadband.

Our most popular broadband connection type. Dedicated and consistently reliable connection with loads of capacity.

Gigabit broadband, the best home broadband available on the Chorus fibre network.

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