It’s time to get your TV onto fibre

Us Kiwis use on average 234GB of data every month to stream our favourite movies, TV shows, sporting events and everything else we use our broadband for. So when it comes to watching all that great content, there’s nothing better than seeing it on your biggest screen.

If you want to do that buffer-free without any interruptions, you’ll need to connect your TV to fibre. This is important if you have multiple people streaming at the same time on multiple devices as you’ll want to ensure you have enough speed and capacity come game time.

So, stop squinting at the small screens and stream big New Zealand! Check out below for all you need to know about getting connected to fibre and making sure you’re set up for the best streaming experience.

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Connecting your TV

How to set up your TV

Our resident tech expert Kurt Rodgers will show you how to set up your TV for the best streaming experience.

  1. Get on the best broadband connection available
  2. Plug your modem directly into your TV
  3. Get an unlimited data plan

Can your address get fibre?

Streaming devices

Vodafone TV Vodafone TV


VodafoneTV brings your favourite channels and apps into one place, including Sky. There's no monthly cost to use VodafoneTV but certain apps and channels require a subscription before you can start watching them through your VodafoneTV.

It’s easy to set-up, features a 3-day rewind and 500 hours of recording and can connect to your modem for Wi-Fi and ethernet capability.

Priced at $179 and available from accredited retailers across New Zealand.

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Casting sticks

Controlled by a smartphone or tablet, casting sticks plug straight into the back of your TV — no box required. This makes it an easy option for secondary TVs around your house.

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Streaming boxes

A small box that plugs into your TV that you control with an included remote. They typically have the most features and widest selection of streaming services, and receive the most frequent software updates.

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Smart TV

Smart TVs don’t require any extra hardware. With a Smart TV, all you need to do is turn it on and use the included remote control. They are easy to use and support a wide range of streaming apps.

Popular entertainment streaming services

All of these platforms have the rights to a different selection of music, shows, movies and events, so make sure you do your homework and check that your preferred service has your favourite titles.

Can you get fibre at your address?