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Chorus Prezzy Card offer - you may be eligible to receive our Prezzy Card offer when connecting to our fibre

By registering your details on www.chorus.co.nz/prezzy-card, you acknowledge that you have read and accepted these terms and conditions. Chorus New Zealand Limited (Chorus, we, our) is the promoter of this Chorus Prezzy Card Offer (Offer).

Eligibility – what do I need to do to participate?

To be eligible to participate in this Offer and receive a Visa Prezzy Card worth $100:

  • We’ll send you an invite 
    You will have received this Offer through an email, letter or postcard from Chorus for the physical address specified in your Offer email, letter or postcard (‘eligible address’). You must be the broadband account holder at that address.
  • You register and confirm your address is eligible
    You must have completed the online registration form, providing a valid email address, plus a physical address which is validated as being an address eligible for the Offer when you register online. This Offer is exclusive to the address specified in your Offer email, letter or postcard and cannot be transferred.
  • You connect to Chorus fibre within the Offer period
    You must then be connected to a fibre broadband plan on the Chorus network at the eligible address before 30 June 2022, which is the end of the Offer Period.
  • We’ll confirm a Prezzy Card is on the way
    We'll send the card via courier to you at the address eligible for the Offer once we’ve confirmed there’s an active Chorus fibre connection before the end of the Offer Period.

Connecting to fibre within the offer period

The Offer will run from Thursday, 24 February, 2022 until 11:59pm on Thursday, 30 June 2022, so you have until then to get connected and participate.

To connect to a fibre broadband plan on the Chorus network, get in touch with your preferred broadband provider. You can compare available plans and providers online at comparison sites like broadbandcompare.co.nz or glimp.co.nz. Alternatively, you can call the helpful team at Broadband Compare on 0800 000 305. They can talk you through your options and even help you activate your connection.

Receiving and registering your card

Once you’ve completed the steps above and we can see that you have an active Chorus fibre connection at the eligible address before the Offer ends, we will notify you via email that a Prezzy Card is on its way and will courier the Prezzy Card to your address.

Your card may take up to 21 days to be delivered to you. Depending on the location of the winner, or any disruptions caused by Covid-19 circumstances or restrictions, delivery may be further delayed. If you do not receive your card, please get in touch with us.

Once you receive your card, we strongly recommend that you unlock and register your card online at prezzycard.co.nz. For full details please refer to the Prezzy Card terms and conditions.

Chorus is not responsible for replacing your card if it is lost or stolen.

Prezzy Card terms and conditions

Terms and conditions that apply to the Visa Prezzy Card are available on the Prezzy Card website.

Your use of the Prezzy Card indicates your acceptance of the Prezzy Card Terms and Conditions.

Key terms

  • A maximum of one Prezzy Card may be awarded in respect of each eligible address during the Offer Period.
  • You must be aged 18 years or over to be eligible to participate in this Offer.
  • Chorus’ decision in relation to who is eligible to participate in this Offer, or any other aspect of this Offer, is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  • Chorus and any other person or party associated with this Offer is not responsible for any problems or technical malfunction of any platform, website services, data connection, communication or the internet, or any combination thereof.
  • Chorus is not responsible for any incorrect or inaccurate information caused by any of the equipment or programming associated with or utilized in this Offer, or by any technical or human error that may occur in the course of the administration of this Offer.
  • You must comply with the terms of any platform used to participate in the Offer.
  • Any registration request or claim in relation to this Offer after the Offer Period has expired will be deemed ineligible.
  • Chorus is not responsible for registration requests or claims that are not received.
  • Any incomplete, illegible or fraudulent registrations or claims are not valid.

Modification of terms and conditions

Chorus may modify these terms and conditions at any time without notice and reserves the right to cancel, suspend or change the Offer for any reason.

Chorus' liability

To the extent permitted by law, Chorus and any other person or party associated with this Offer, will not be liable to you for any direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage, as a result of, or arising from, your participation in the Offer.

Personal information

You authorise Chorus to collect the personal information you provide in entering this competition. We’ll treat that information in accordance with our Privacy Policy  , which may also include us or our business partners contacting you with future updates that are relevant to you. You can access or correct your personal information, or opt out from further updates, by contacting us at privacy@chorus.co.nz.

Governing law

This competition is governed by the laws of New Zealand.