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Legal Disclaimer

By ticking this box, I confirm that I am the legal owner or have delegated authority to provide this consent and I am agreeing the following:
By signing this consent form, I give my consent for Chorus and its approved contractors
to access my property and use any existing poles or other fixtures thereon (if necessary) to install and maintain fibre optic cables and related UFB network equipment, and to apply for and work in accordance with the conditions of any necessary consents required under the Resource Management Act 1991 or Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga Act 2014.

Chorus also has consent to access the same network for repair and/or removal from time to time in the future. This consent shall continue whilst such equipment remains at my property.

I acknowledge that Chorus has continuing ownership of the network or equipment they install and agree that it must not be worked on or interfered with without Chorus’ prior consent.

If another entity takes over responsibility for installing the UFB network, then my consent and its terms will apply to that new entity.

Chorus may exercise rights as my licensee (for the purposes of the Land Transfer Regulations 2002) in respect of any existing telecommunications easements granted in favour of me or my property.

We agree that this consent shall be deemed to be notice pursuant to section 135 of the
Telecommunications Act and contains all applicable conditions between us where Chorus
is installing UFB fibre in a “road” (as defined under that Act) on my property.

Chorus will ensure that all works are carried out with the following principles and in accordance with legal requirements and industry standards:

  • Chorus will take into consideration any reasonable directions I give before work starts, so long as I have given advanced notice.
  • The team on site will maintain all industry safety standards and conduct themselves professionally at all times.
  • Chorus will work to minimise disruptions wherever possible, providing advance notice of any parking or access restrictions.
  • When works are complete, Chorus will leave all work areas in a neat and tidy state.

Chorus’ Liability: In the unlikely event that Chorus or its approved contractor damages any of my property while undertaking these works, they will pay the reasonable cost of repair up to a $500,000 maximum total. I agree to use my best endeavours to provide Chorus with details of any claim within one month after becoming aware of any such damage. I will not pursue any of Chorus’ contractors or agents for any claim directly.