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Rainbow Cabinet Form

Rainbow cabinet art overview

In 2010 Chorus began a trial in Auckland to test if art works on the cabinets decreased the frequency of tagging. This proved successful.

The programme has become increasingly popular and often artists choose to depict subject matter that is meaningful to them.

As part of Chorus’ Diversity and Inclusion initiative, we’ve decided to dedicate five cabinets – one in each Waimakariri, Tararua, Whanganui, Hastings and Auckland) – to the expression and celebration of the LGBTIQA+ Community.

Your design will need to show your affiliation to and/or support of the LGBTIQA+ Network. It will need to be a celebration of inclusion and diversity in your community.

The final decision on design and content remain with Chorus.

Mural process

  • Cabinet is identified and submissions are opened. 
  • Design is submitted, including colours and an indication of finer details to be added during the actual painting process. Chorus and its Rainbow Network discuss the designs and will decide which one is successful.
  • Artist purchases materials (maximum of $150 unless otherwise approved) and completes art work, including final anti-graffiti guard (supplied by Chorus). NOTE: Cabinets are usually around 4m2 total. Test pots cover 1m2 so usually test pots of required colours provide enough paint to complete murals.
  • Artist submits photos and invoice to Chorus for final sign off and when approved, the invoice is paid. The payment for a cabinet is between $600-$1,700 depending on its size. The cabinets in each location and their associated fee is included on the website. The invoice needs to be made out to Chorus NZ Ltd, PO Box 632, Wellington, 6140.
  • Artwork is loaded on to the Chorus website and Facebook page and may be considered for the annual Chorus cabinet art calendar.


  • A Health and Safety Risk Assessment form to be completed and returned to Chorus prior to any work starting.
  • Chorus will pay reasonable costs (maximum of $150 unless otherwise approved) for the materials required to complete the artwork. Final anti-graffiti coating is provided. You will be advised where you need to pick the graffiti guard up from and you will be responsible for returning it.
  • Chorus requires the artist to wear a high visibility vest when working on the cabinet and to follow council health and safety guidelines for working in the road reserve. 
  • Chorus requires the area around the cabinet be kept clean and tidy at all times. A drop cloth must be used.
  • All paint, equipment and tools must be stored safely when working on site so as not to impede any pedestrian access or cause any health and safety concerns. All materials must be removed from site and stored securely when not working on the site.
  • The final work must accurately reflect the approved design, with no offensive designs, images or words. The design remains the property of Chorus.
  • Any council or community enquiries to be directed to Jo Seddon on 04 896 4080 or

Further requirements

No paint to cover the handles, locks, sight glass (centre left of left door) or identification tags in top left corner of cabinet. Any paint on these surfaces will need to be removed prior to payment of invoice.

Care to be taken around the top vent, to ensure no holes are blocked.

Cabinet must be prepared properly prior to painting to ensure long life of the mural:

  • Lightly sand then wipe down, ensuring the surface is clean
  • Apply Smooth Surface Sealer or suitable etching primer

A video with tips on how to paint a cabinet (made by one of our artists) can be found here.

Many thanks and we look forward to seeing the finished mural.