VDSL is the fastest of our copper broadband products as it uses our fibre network to get to a cabinet positioned on the street, and then the copper network from the cabinet to your house.  It is available to properties located up to 1200m of the local cabinet or exchange and approximately 80 percent of homes and businesses on the Chorus network are within reach of VDSL capability.  

VDSL can offer potential broadband download speeds of up to 70Mpbs, depending on your property’s proximity to the cabinet - the closer you are, the faster the broadband. Check whether VDSL is available for your house on our broadband checker, then contact your broadband provider to place your order. The average sync rate for VDSL technology across the Chorus broadband network is currently 50Mbps. Below the graph shows the current VDSL speeds being achieved on the Chorus broadband network.

Data taken from the Chorus network on the 1st April 2016

Getting VDSL

Once your order has been placed with your broadband provider, they’ll contact us to get started on upgrading your connection. If VDSL is available at your address, we may be able to upgrade you without a technician visiting your place.

A small number of VDSL installations may need a technician to visit your property to get you up and running. If so, the install process can take up to three hours. If you have an alarm or monitoring service that depends on broadband, it may be affected during this time. Our technician will rewire from the external termination point, where our network is connected from the road to your property, and install a new jack point and master splitter inside your house. Once installed, we’ll connect your new modem to the jack point and our technician will check the broadband connection to determine the upload and download speeds. During your first ten days of using VDSL, you may experience fluctuations in speed as we tweak and optimise the performance of your broadband connection. 

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