Artist: Kane Scream Smith and Emily Roberts

The idea for this cabinet can from the young daughter of the woman who lives in the house behind it. The cabinet was frequently tagged.

The train is there as apparently a lot of people ask where the Waterloo railway station is, which is only at the end of the street, so was kind of like a directional guide there. Their cute dog also has a starring role.

Meet the Artists:

Kane Smith, Paraparaumu

Kane 'Scream' Smith is a graffiti and aerosol artist, painter, established photographer and author.

Kane has painted in other countries as a sponsored artist, and has completed works for a wide range of clientele. He has hosted graffiti documentaries on TV, radio interviews and has lectured at schools and universities worldwide.

For Kane the murals on Chorus cabinets are a chance to provide something visually attractive to the public, on something that otherwise might not be so interesting.

Contact Kane:unitpublishingcopyright@yahoo.com

Emily Roberts, Waikanae

Emily is a self taught artist who mainly paints acrylic canvases and sculpts with polymer clay. She has been involved in Wearable Art shows, painted school backdrops, painted commissions and exhibited her work frequently. She has welcomed the opportunity to create murals on Chorus cabinets, and has enjoyed the positive reactions from the community while she works.

Contact Emily:http://www.facebook.com/pages/Emily-Roberts/209529735769105?

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