Repairing our network can cost anything from $200 to more than $200,000. If damage has been caused by irresponsibility, carelessness or negligence, we seek to recover the full repair costs from the organisation or individual responsible.

What to do if you damage, or see damage, to our network

Stay safe

Our cables can carry potentially damaging laser light or voltages over 100 Volts so don’t hide or attempt to repair any damage yourself

Stay away

Leave the excavation open so it's easy for the technician to access the damaged network when they come to repair it

Report the damage

Report the damage by using this online form or by calling us on 0800 463 896

Ask for repair

Our service technicians will come and repair the network

If you receive an invoice from us for network damages:

If you have damaged our network, you may receive an invoice from us to pay for the repair work. The following types of charges may be included in the invoice:

Site visit charge

this covers the cost of sending a Chorus technician to the site; this is charged per day

Labour costs

this includes our technician’s time to identify where the damage has occurred, to source the materials required to fix it, and repair the damage. Labour costs also include any work our technician is required to carry out at the cabinet and/or the exchange to repair other parts of our network affected by the damage

Other costs

this includes costs to obtain any approvals required by the local council for work that needs access to public footpaths or roads. It may also include traffic management costs, and costs to reinstate public footpaths and roads

Please note that your invoice will not include any GST, as GST does not apply to repairs of this nature.

A sample Chorus invoice with 'copy only' written diagonally across the centre of the document.

Understanding your network damage invoice

If you received an invoice from us and you’re not sure what it all means, check out our interactive invoice example to learn more.

A brief break-down of costs

The reason we are billing you, including your damage claim number

Address and date of damage

How to contact us if you have a query

Quote your invoice number when you ask us a question specific to your invoice

How we can help before you dig next time

Ways to pay your invoice

Please quote your customer number with your query or payment

The amount to pay

How to contact us

When you contact us with your query we will need your:

Customer number

Invoice number

Explain details of your query/dispute

If you have any questions about your invoice you can send us an email at or call us on 0800 245 537

If you have received a reminder notice or statement but have misplaced or not received your invoice, you can request a copy by emailing us your name and customer number.

If you require more details about your network damage invoice, we can send you a copy of the Plant Damage Report – this includes information on the damage from the technician who did the repair work. Please email us and quote the damage claim number.

Easy ways to pay

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Credit Card

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