What do we do?

We build and maintain the lion’s share of New Zealand’s telecommunications network, ensuring kiwis can connect to a better broadband experience, one of the best of the world in fact.

36,000+ km of fibre (& copper) cables

7,000+ cabinets

600+ local telephone exchanges

How do we do it?

You’ll see our 2,000 field technicians out and about. They’re working on our behalf to make about one million visits to New Zealand homes and businesses each year, maintaining and repairing our network existing phone and broadband lines – and installing new ones.

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The network in a nutshell

We are just one part of the network, with multiple parties working together to make sure you can connect to phone and internet services.

Our network

We build and maintain the infrastructure that enables you to get connected, this includes cabinets, cables and exchanges.

Broadband providers

Your broadband provider delivers your connection and is responsible for plans and pricing. They’re also your first port of call in the instance of any faults and outages at your place. We’ll work together to get you back up running.

Service partners

We work with selected service partners to build and maintain our network. These are the technicians you’ll see across the country working hard on jobs like building our fibre network or fixing faults.


Ultra-fast broadband is coming to 200,000 homes

We're working with Crown Infrastructure Partners to extend New Zealand’s network. Learn more about our UFB2 initiative.


Our mission

We're an organisation built on a 150 year old passion for keeping people connected, and an ambition to create the best-connected country in the world.

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