For home

If you’re building or renovating make sure you specify ‘star configuration’ wiring and quality cabling when you talk to your architect or electrician.

For business

Depending on the size of your business you can follow the wiring recommendations for residential or enlist a structured cable specialist.

For contractors

Are you wiring a new home or rewiring an existing property? Using Cat6 cabling installed in a star-wiring configuration is the way to go.

Installing underground lead-in pipes

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Network relocation

Is part of our network in the way of your new driveway or subdivision? The good news is we can move it for you.


Safer digging

Accidentally digging up a buried cable can be expensive and inconvenient - for you too. But follow a few simple rules and you can avoid cables.


About our network

We’re New Zealand’s largest fixed line communications infrastructure services provider, supplying about 90% of all fixed network connections.