What happens on the day

A Chorus technician will meet at your address to talk you through the work required to upgrade your place to fibre. There are a few different ways we can do this – our technician will recommend the best method for your property.

1. Agree your install

Once the technician has walked you through the recommended installation method, you’ll need to sign a plan agreeing for Chorus to complete this work.

2. Install your fibre

Following the plan, they’ll bring the fibre from the network in the street to a small box which will be installed on the outside of your house called an external termination point (ETP). The fibre will then be taken from the ETP to another small box (called the optical network terminal or ONT) inside your house. The ONT is what your modem connects to. Before they leave, the technician will make sure you’re happy with the work and answer any questions.

Get ready for your appointment

To install fibre at your place and connect you, there are a few important things you need to do ahead of your installation appointment.

1. Agreement

Someone who can make decisions for your property needs to be home for your installation. They’ll be asked to sign the agreement plan and will need to be available for the technician to talk to, should anything need to change.

2. Permissions

If you rent you need permission from your landlord before fibre can be installed. We recommend talking to them now – our website has all the information they’ll need.

3. Installation

Have a look at the different ways we install fibre so you understand what’s involved when our technician talks you through the installation plan for your place. Where possible, we use the same method to get fibre to your house that your existing broadband uses. If this isn’t an option, our technician will recommend the best and most practical alternative.

4. ONT

Think about where you’d like your ONT installed so you can let the technician know. The ONT is what your modem plugs into so where it lives in your home can affect the quality of your broadband experience. Your first choice of location may not be possible, but you do have a say. You’ll find some useful information here.

Connecting you in one appointment

Watch our short video to get a quick overview of what’s involved.

Top tips from The Tidy Lady

To show you how to maximise your time at home while we install fibre, we’ve teamed up with Liz, The Tidy Lady. Watch her range of videos that show you how to transform your home’s most cluttered spaces while a Chorus technician transforms your broadband.

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How we bring fibre to you

There are a few different ways we can bring fibre from the street to your property. Your Chorus technician will discuss the best method for your place. Find out more about our fibre installation methods

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