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Broadband Basics

Fibre – making a big difference for small business

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July 28, 2016

If you’re operating a business in New Zealand, chances are it’s a small business – after all, 97% of local businesses fall into this category, defined as any business with fewer than 20 employees.

More and more frequently, small businesses are relying on a great broadband connection to get things done. From selling products and services, issuing invoices, managing payroll, and of course, email; the list of tasks that can be ticked off online gets longer every day.

Once upon a time, and not so long ago, trying to do even a fraction of the above would’ve drawn sighs of frustration as slow connections conjured up the spinning wheel of death. But things have progressed significantly as fibre has become more widely available, bringing with it many benefits for small and medium sized businesses.

Today, fibre is 20 times faster than the original copper broadband network and in a few years it will be 100 times faster still. The increased speed and data capacity that fibre provides has given Kiwi businesses a platform for innovation and growth, helping to increase productivity, grow customer bases and lower communication expenses. But surprisingly, a high proportion Kiwi SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises) don’t have fibre broadband.

Rather than us telling you why you should order fibre (and yes, you really should), check out the videos below to hear from actual Kiwi business owners about how fibre has impacted their business.

If you’re feeling ready to future proof your business with fibre, see if fibre is available at your premises with our broadband checker and then get in touch with your broadband provider to place an order.

Stayed tuned for more articles in the coming weeks on ways you can make the most of a better broadband connection to benefit your business.

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