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Fibre: what to do when you move

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May 01, 2018

Your TV aerial, meter box, or the kitchen sink – there are just some things you wouldn’t take with you when you move house and your fibre equipment is no different.


Every month we get hundreds of requests from people who have moved into a new place only to find frustratingly that the ONT (Optical Network Terminal) is missing its power cable. The ONT is a small box inside your house that connects the fibre that has been wired outside your house - this is what your modem plugs into.


James Ray from Chorus’ customer services team, says the number of requests for ONT power cables has doubled in the past year with up to 1,000 a month.


“We’re seeing more and more people taking the ONT power cable with them when they move out of a property. This leaves new tenants or home owners, who are keen to connect to fibre straight away, having to request a new power cable before they can get their broadband up and running. These power cables really do belong with the ONTs as they are unable to be used with other devices.


“In some instances, people have even taken the entire ONT with them, which means new tenants have to organise getting a new one installed. Fibre broadband is a utility so this would be a bit like taking the water meter or power switchboard with you when you move out,” says James.


So next time you’re moving house, leave your ONT and its power cable behind. They belong together. It’s one less thing to pack and no doubt the new tenants will thank you for it.

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