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Moving office: Why fibre should be on your ‘must-have’ list

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September 18, 2019

Maybe your business is expanding having just landed a new order or perhaps your lease has expired and it’s simply time to find a new space. Whatever the trigger, if you’re on the lookout for new premises or workspace now, is the right time to read this blog.
While the words ‘growth’ and ‘change’ may signify success for small businesses, a physical move in premises can be stressful, to say the least. 
Where do you go? Is it an easy commute? Is it close to your customer base? Is it close to major arterial routes? There’s a lot to think about. Not to mention the financial burden of a new lease, moving costs and the inevitable downtime while your team get settled.
However, this time of transition is also a great opportunity to take stock of how you operate as a business and in particular the digital services and systems to take it to the next level. Underpinning all of this is ensuring the new premises has the right connectivity to support all your digital needs - today and into the future. 
So if you’re moving shop, here are some tips to consider... 

Will your internet help you grow, or make you slow? Check out if fibre is available at your new place.

What to think about before you commit to new premises 

With all businesses today becoming increasingly reliant on the internet to function, it is vital to ensure you have the right set up to support how your business operates today, and how it may need to adapt in the future.
Take stock of how reliant you currently are on the internet - for example, is good connectivity key to servicing your customers? How much data do you chew through on a daily basis? How many of your team need to be online at the same time every day? Do you need databases and systems for your team to do their job? What apps can you use to improve productivity and efficiency? What would the impact be on your business if outages occurred?

It all boils down to ensuring the broadband available at your new premises is ‘fit for purpose’ before you sign the lease. Otherwise, you could be facing downtime, outages and issues that could get in the way of your business performing and scaling. 

Check: Is fibre available at your new address?

Fibre provides New Zealand businesses with the best possible internet connectivity and therefore deserves a top spot on your new premises non-negotiables list. 
What makes fibre so great? 

  1. Its speed: Fibre is the fastest broadband technology available in New Zealand. Harness its speed for the tools you use today, and the technology you’re going to need tomorrow. 

  2. Its capacity: Fibre has huge bandwidth capacity and can cater for all your business broadband needs no matter how many people are using it, or what they’re doing – browsing, streaming, video conferencing or sharing large files. 

  3. Its reliability: As the Chorus fibre network is uncongested you’re not sharing it with others, ensuring a more reliable and consistent experience than other broadband technologies.  

You can use Chorus’ Broadband Checker to see if fibre is available at your prospective premise. Click here.

Available at your address but not in your premises yet: As long as fibre broadband is available to the building, then your internet service provider can order it to be connected to your new workspace by a Chorus representative.  Then it’s a case of contacting your preferred internet service provider to get your business broadband plan or subscription sorted.

Not available at your address yet: There are other broadband technologies like VDSL available on the Chorus copper network which, like fibre, is also uncongested ensuring good internet speeds and capacity for most business connectivity needs. If having rock-solid, lightning-fast internet is a must for your business you may want to consider other premises that does have fibre available.  

Available at your address and already in your premises: Get in touch with your internet service provider as soon as possible to let them know you are moving and to prepare for the switch. It should only take a few minutes to update your broadband plan or subscription once you’ve given them the go-ahead.

Be sure you’re on a business-grade  fibre plan

Having fibre is one thing but combining it with the right business-grade plan from your service provider will have you working smarter and protecting the (digital) backbone of your business. These plans are tailored towards business connectivity needs and most providers having different plans available based on different levels of usage so it’s important to take stock of your current and anticipated future needs. 
If in doubt, opt for an unlimited data plan that supports the highest usage so you can start right and grow better. 
One feature you may want to consider too is a plan with  ‘business restore’ meaning if (in the unlikely event) you have trouble with your connection, you’ll be back up and running within 24 hours (6 hours if it happens before midday). You cannot get this service on residential plans.

With a new premises checklist as long as your arm, checking ‘fibre connection’ off your list prior to signing the lease means one (major) less thing to worry about. 

Fibre broadband plus a dedicated business grade fibre plan organised ahead of time will ensure you and your team don’t skip a beat on move-in day. Even if the desks haven’t arrived.

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