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Home broadband

Stay connected with the world on the best broadband available. Discover the different broadband options for residential use from ADSL, VDSL to Fibre and learn which is best for you.

Business broadband

Let your business benefit from a reliable connection for voice, video conferencing, unified communications and much more. A business broadband plan gives you access to business grade customer service and continuity.

What we do

We take pride in building and managing one of the world's best open access internet networks, ensuring Kiwis can connect to a better broadband experience.

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Broadband technologies explained



Wireless broadband uses the 4G mobile network to connect to a modem at your house. Because a strong 4G signal is required to get online, wireless isn’t available everywhere. Chorus does not offer wireless broadband.


ADSL uses the copper network which provides a dedicated line to your property so there’s bandwidth available just for you and the connection from our network to your property won’t slow down in peak times like nights and weekends.


VDSL uses our fibre network to get to a cabinet positioned on the street, and then the copper network from the cabinet to your house. It still provides a dedicated connection to your home so you don’t have to compete with the neighbours for bandwidth when you’re online.


At Chorus, we deliver some of the best broadband technology in the world over our fibre network. Fibre uses fibre optic cable to transport huge amounts of data, via pulses of light, at ultra-fast speeds. Fibre performance doesn’t degrade over distance meaning your broadband speed is consistent.

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Learn more about getting fibre

If you’re interested in getting fibre installed you probably want to know what’s involved to get your property connected. For most properties the process is very simple!

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