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How to give your business a Digital Boost


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How to give your business a Digital Boost

As New Zealand’s largest broadband network operator, we’re passionate about Kiwis making the most of the world class connectivity we now have in this country. And for businesses that means tapping into the wealth of digital and Cloud based tools now available to grow productivity, innovation and ultimately profits. Sometimes though, when it comes to upping your digital game, it can be as simple as knowing where to start. That’s where the Government backed Digital Boost programme comes in. Rather than hiring a consultant, Digital Boost is a FREE online digital skills training platform with videos, workshops and more and all designed with industry experts. Chorus is proud to be a partner and here’s an overview of what’s on offer:

Video tutorials

The Digital Boost training platform offers over 500 video tutorials on a huge range of digital learning topics and the perfect place to dip your toes in. Whether it’s digital accounting, content marketing or Cloud based payroll advice, you’ll find expert, industry specific advice in these easy to watch 2–3-minute videos to help you on your way.

Learn more: How To Navigate Digital Boost from Digital Boost on Vimeo.

Business case studies

 If it’s a bit of inspiration you’re after, look no further than the Spotlight series of real world, in-depth video case studies, where small business owners, who have recently transformed their business by adopting digital tools and digital ways of working, share their experiences.

Behind the story

Website and digital assessment tool

 Checkable is a digital check-up that’s just like a Warrant of Fitness for your car, but even better as it helps you improve your online presence and visibility. Simply enter your website address to find out what is working on your website and what needs a little more attention. The tool is also designed to track the effectiveness of your social media efforts and show a snapshot of a company's entire digital presence. You also get a Digital Action Plan that sets out all the steps you need to take to activate the recommended improvements.D Boost

Q&A sessions – live webinars

If you’ve watched the videos, done the assessment tools and want more of an interactive two conversation, Digital Boost also has super helpful Q&A sessions, daily live workshops with experts and live helpdesk support 8am–7pm Monday to Friday.

No matter how tech illiterate you think you might sound, the Digital Boost team are more than happy to help.

Making sure your connectivity is ready

One last thing, to consider is ensuring your broadband service is ready to handle the additional digital workload you’re planning for your business. Getting fibre broadband is a no brainer as it is consistently proven to outperform other types of network connections on a range of criteria including speed and latency. But if you really want to get your business humming, ask your service provider for a plan with a business fibre connection for just a few dollars more a month.

These have greater upload speeds than standard fibre connections which are designed for residential use, and business fibre connections also come with benefits like prioritised service restoration if there’s a network outage.


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