How do I tell which network equipment belongs to Chorus?


Our copper and fibre cables bring phone and broadband services to your place. Most of our cables run underground along streets, footpaths and state highways, but you’ll also see some of our cables above ground attached to poles along the street. Most of our network cables are directly buried underground and can be found at any depth. In some areas our cables run through pipes for additional protection and easy maintenance.

Working on a project involving digging or earthworks? Check if our network is underground before you start.

Underground cable

Cables above ground


Our cabinets connect our copper and fibre network from the local exchange and distribute it to each street in the neighbourhood using underground or aerial cables.


These sit above the ground and are usually placed right outside a property’s boundary. They connect our copper or fibre network from the cabinet to the property boundary. The copper or fibre cables are then connected from the pillar or pedestal to the premise.


Some of our network is attached to poles in the street, either to support our network along the street or to connect our network from the street to a premise. We own some of the poles, and others are owned by local power companies who we have an agreement with to use them.

If you’re moving a high load (above 4.25m) and need us to temporarily move our network, fill out our online form for a High Load Permit.


We gain access to our underground network through manholes of various sizes – some are simply a small access pit in the local street, while others are really large cable chambers, like those found in inner city streets. We don’t need to replace manholes often so some may still display the Telecom or older Chorus logo.


An ETP is a small plastic box that’s mounted to the outside of a premise – it connects our network taken from the property boundary to the premise. Our network cables are then taken through the wall of a premise and connected to the internal wiring inside.

A computer-generated illustration of an urban street scene with a fibre cabinet in the foreground.
A computer-generated illustration of an urban street scene with a fibre cabinet in the foreground.

Understanding our network

We’ve created this fun animation to explain where our network starts and ends and how we keep you connected. Check it out.

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