What to do before you start digging

Use the beforeUdig service

beforeUdig can help you check the location of our underground network cables before you start work. There are two services they provide:


Receive information on our underground network in the area you’re planning work

Submit a request on beforeUdig.co.nz or call 0800B4UDIG to receive information on the location of our underground network in the area you’re working in within 48 hours. This is a free service.

To submit your request, you’ll need to:

  • Provide details of your planned work including date, location and the type of work you’ll be doing
  • Draw your planned work on a map using the online mapping tool provided on beforeUdig


Organise for a Chorus technician to visit your site to help you locate our network

beforeUdig will connect your request to Chorus, to send a technician to your site and help you locate our underground network cables. Once the cables are located, the technician will mark them with purple paint as a digging guide.

A minimum fee of $174 plus GST is charged for all on-site cable locations. If it takes longer than one-hour, additional time is charged at $44 plus GST for every 15 minutes thereafter. Prices effective from 1st April 2024. If the cables located are our network distribution cables and are on private property, we’ll mark these out free of charge. If you’re working near our high capacity cables, we can remain on site while you excavate near them for no additional cost.

Important information: There is an increasing number of independent asset location companies in operation throughout New Zealand. We do not endorse the quality or accuracy of the cable location work by these firms and assume no liability for any damages that occur as a result.

network awareness training

We offer free telecommunications network awareness training to educate contractors about the importance of identifying our underground network and using safe digging practices.

A collection of worker's high-visibility safety gear neatly arranged on a wooden table.

Work Safe Guide

New Zealand’s Work Safe Guide for Safety with Underground Services is a great source of information for anyone digging and working near our underground network. View the guide here.

Health and safety info

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