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You can keep your landlines connected when you move to fibre and two unique phone lines are able to be supported at one address. Learn how your landline can work with fibre broadband.

Set up a fibre landline

If you have one or more landlines, you can keep them connected when you move to fibre. Most existing landlines will operate over fibre, and two unique phone lines/numbers are able to be supported at one address. When you order fibre with your provider, make sure you request integrated wiring. This service is free of charge and ensures the wiring in your home is optimal for phone service over fibre.

Ask about integrated wiring

Fibre landlines can be connected through integrated wiring in your home or the ONT, that’s the small fibre box installed in your home. During your fibre installation appointment, be sure to let our technician know that you use your landlines and show them where your landlines are located at your address.

Connect and test

When your fibre installation is complete, our Chorus technician will test your landlines are working by either:

  • Connecting the phone outlet from your broadband modem or the Chorus ONT to the existing house wiring
  • Connecting the base station of your cordless phone to your modem or the Chorus ONT directly if it is in a suitable location

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