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Connecting your development with Chorus

Subdividing or developing property? Read our guide to find out how to get the best broadband or voice connection for your property project.
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Multi-dwelling units

If you are developing an apartment, retirement home, office block or multi-use block with mixed commercial and residential premises, we recommend you wire the building for fibre, the best available telecommunications solution.
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From a backyard subdivision to a development with a hundred lots, Chorus’ Subdivision Group can work with you to deliver the best telecommunications service for your development.
In many parts of the country two networks are in operation – copper and fibre.
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Within some developments, elements of our network including items such as cabling, ducting, lead-in cables, and cabinets are installed over sections of land, including common or shared areas, that are different to those they’re there to service.
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Can I get fibre in subdivisions?

We have been laying fibre in subdivisions around the country for a number of years - before the UFB programme was underway.

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