Find out everything you need to know about getting connected to our fastest broadband network including how to order and install fibre, and the consent process.

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Our copper network provides great broadband alternatives if you don’t yet have access to fibre. Find out more about VDSL and ADSL here.

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About broadband

Put simply, broadband is high-speed internet access. But it’s not always that simple – get a better grip on the basics of broadband here.

Check your broadband


  • Can I get fibre?

    Enter your address into our broadband checker to see if fibre’s available and what your options are.

  • How can I get broadband if I'm outside the Chorus coverage area?

    If you fall outside our rural broadband coverage area, there are a couple of alternative options to access the internet. Have a look at wireless broadband providers in your region, or consider a satellite broadband service from providers like Farmside or Wireless Nation.

  • Why are my speeds not reaching the maximum available?

    There are some key factors that can affect broadband performance, and they may occur in isolationor in a combination. These are:
    • The distance from your property to the local exchange or cabinet
    • The capacity of your broadband line and how much data is being used
    • Your broadband plan
    • The age and quality of your modem
    • Wiring
    • The hardware and software you are using
    • Copper quality
    • WiFi
    • The other end of the line

    For more information on how these impact performance see our broadband performance information.

  • How long after fibre is laid in my street can I order fibre?

    Our fibre build is completed by cabinet area, not by street, meaning the whole area needs to be completed and tested before we can offer services. So if you’re the first street in the project, you may need to wait a few weeks until all the streets off the one cabinet are completed.  Keep an eye on our broadband map - itwill be updated as soon as you are able to place your order.  When our testing is complete, you can order fibre straight away through your broadband provider.

  • What is the process for build consents?

    If your property is accessed by a shared driveway or you live in an apartment or gated community administered by a body corporate, consent is needed to install fibre in shared or communal areas. There are a few steps to the consent process before we begin work:

    1. You order fibre from your broadband provider and they pass the order on to us
    2. We contact your neighbours, landlord or body corporate directly to seek consent for build work to take place.
    3. When consent is granted, we’ll then build along the shared driveway or communal areas.
    Once that’s done, we’ll be in contact to arrange for a Chorus technician to meet with you at your house to discuss how we’ll get the fibre from the driveway or communal area to the inside of your home, and to agree on an installation plan. All work to install fibre at your property is carried out under terms and conditions that permit us to install, maintain and operate the equipment on your premises.

  • What will my fibre install look like?

    Fibre is connected from the street to your property via a small box installed on the outside of your house call an External Termination Point.

    Fibre is then connected from the exterior to the interior via another small box called an Optical Network Termination (ONT) located inside your house.

  • What will happen during my copper service install?

    If you are connecting to ADSL or ADSL2+ then you do not need to do anything - we will simply switch on this service at our cabinet or exchange. If you are connecting to VDSL services then an appointment will be made for a Chorus technician to visit your house. Our technician will install a black box, known as a splitter, in the key jack point to separate voice and data carried on the copper likes.

  • How long does it take to get fibre from when I place my order?

    Once your order has been placed with your broadband provider, they will give you an outline of the timings for the install process. It is important to note that no work can begin until all necessary consents have been received.