Fibre for home

Fibre gives you a dedicated and consistently reliable connection. It isn’t just about doing one thing online much faster. It’s about everyone at your place being able to do everything they like online, all at the same time.

Fibre for business

Kiwi businesses are increasingly relying on a great broadband connection to get things done. From selling products and services, issuing invoices, managing payroll, video conferencing, and emailing a reliable connection is now a standard requirement.


Fibre is the best broadband available on our network, delivering the fastest speeds. A dedicated and consistently reliable connection means everyone can do what they want, when they want, without interruption.


ADSL is our basic fixed line broadband service and supports everyday activities such as web browsing, online banking, and emailing.


VDSL is part fibre, part copper and is available now to
80 percent of New Zealand homes and businesses. It provides a dedicated line and a more reliable internet experience than basic broadband.