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Building our network

If Chorus is laying our fibre network in your area, the process starts by getting the fibre from the exchange to your street – we aim to use existing underground pipes or telephone poles where possible. We may need to dig or drill along your street to install smaller microducts, which we use to blow the fibre through to connect individual properties.

Typically, laying fibre follows this process:

  1. Preparation – technicians assess and plan the work, marking where underground services will be
  2. Laying fibre – this stage involves numerous technicians and vehicles as the fibre is rolled out through the pipes
  3. Tidying up – once the fibre is in we do an initial tidy-up to remove hazards and reinstate ground that may have been disturbed
  4. Finalising and testing – back at the local exchange we connect the fibre to our wider network and undertake rigorous testing to ensure everything meets our standards

A few weeks before we begin work, you will receive a letter from us letting you know more about the work we'll be doing and what to expect while we are working in your street. A second mailer will be sent letting you know when work will begin closer to the start date.

As part of those communications, you’ll be given a chance to register interest in getting fibre installed at your property. 

Once you’ve done that, we’ll then be in touch with further details of your fibre installation appointment. 

Once fibre is installed to your property, we’ll let you know when you can contact your broadband service provider to set yourself up with a broadband plan.