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Can Chorus network elements be relocated?

Yes it can, but there are associated costs involved.

For more information please visit our Moving fibre network equipment page.

The Chorus network is made up of many components such as wires, fibre, ducts, cabinets, manholes, pillars, and poles. Find out more here on How to identify Chorus network equipment

Before U Dig

We recommend that prior to getting network relocated that the area is located and marked out to confirm where you need the network removed from. To organise a locate please contact BeforeUdig.co.nz to submit a request.

This equipment has often been in place for a long time but sometimes affects new developments or renovations. If you're planning a new driveway or subdividing your section and part of our network is in the way, we offer you a network relocation service.

How do I request a network relocation?

For more information please visit our Moving fibre network equipment page.

To request the relocation of Chorus network equipment, first speak to your broadband provider. They can help discuss your requirements and then maybe able to place an order with Chorus on your behalf.

If you don't currently have a phone or broadband provider, please complete this form to start your request.

When you request a Network Relocation, the following information will help speed up the process:

  1. What network component needs to be moved? 

Take note of any identification numbers.

  1. Relevant Photos and documents of the work involved.
  2. Are you the property owner? If not, providing the owner's name and contact details would help us keep things moving, as they will need to approve of the work taking place.

When we receive your request

A Chorus service technician will contact you and make an appointment to assess the site and your requirements. We will provide a quote for the relocation cost within 20 working days of receiving your request. Once payment is received, you will hear from our technician to organise your request.

If you're planning a subdivision, please check out these pages with what you need to know about developing with Chorus