The benefits of fibre



The faster your connection, the faster data moves through it meaning you can do more in a shorter space of time.



Fibre provides a reliable, consistent experience even at the busiest time of day.



Fibre gives you dedicated capacity which means everyone at your place can watch, listen, play, post, work, and chat all at the same time without any loss of quality.

Can you get fibre at your address?

Want fibre?

When you place an order for fibre, ask your broadband provider about an unlimited plan at speeds of 100Mbps or more to make the most of your new fibre connection.

How we bring fibre to you

Building Fibre
Ordering Fibre
Installing Fibre

Bringing fibre to your street

Chorus is managing the lion’s share of the ultra-fast fibre broadband network build. The size of the job means the rollout across the country is staggered, and we’re working suburb by suburb, town by town to deliver better broadband to New Zealanders.

Before we begin work, you will receive a notice about the work we'll be doing and what to expect while we are working in your street as well as next steps for you.


Order with your provider

While Chorus provides the technology, we don’t sell broadband plans directly, instead we work with many different phone and broadband providers to deliver our network into homes and businesses across New Zealand. Once we’ve built our fibre network down your street, you can place an order for a fibre connection with your chosen broadband provider.

They’ll guide you through ordering, installation and their monthly plans and charges, as well as any other costs that may apply. They’ll process your order and send it to us to carry out the connection and installation work.


Getting you connected

A Chorus technician will meet you at your address to talk you through the work required to upgrade your place to fibre. There are a few different ways we can do this - our technician will recommend the best method for your property.
Once the technician has walked you through the recommended installation method, you'll need to sign a plan agreeing for Chorus to complete this work.

Following the plan, our technician will bring the fibre from the network in the street to a small box which will be installed on the outside of your house called an external termination point (ETP). The fibre will then be taken from the ETP to another small box (called the optical network terminal or ONT) inside your house. The ONT is what your modem connects to.


The fibre installation process

Check out this short video to learn more about the fibre installation process.

What’s your (property) type?

Every property is unique, so there are a number of different ways we can install fibre and there may be a few extra steps involved in getting you connected.

Single-dwelling unit

If your home is on its own section and you don’t share a driveway, your place is most likely a single-dwelling unit, or SDU.

Multi-dwelling unit

If your property is an apartment, retirement home, office block or multi-use block it is most likely a multi-dwelling unit, or MDU.


If you share a driveway or live on a private road, your property is considered a right-of-way, or ROW.

Getting consent for your property

To connect properties in multi-dwelling-units or right-of-ways to our fibre network, there’s some work we need to do in in areas that are shared by multiple residents. We need to notify your neighbours of this planned work and, in some instances, we may need them to give consent before getting started.

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