The rollout of ultra-fast broadband is a generational infrastructure change. We're building a new fibre network and over 830,000 premises will be in reach by 2020.

Ultra-fast broadband (UFB) is changing the way New Zealanders work, live and play. Fibre optic cables deliver large amounts of data further and faster than the copper cables that traditionally deliver telecommunications services. 

What's new?

If you live in Dunedin you may be able to connect to 1 Gigabit broadband. This is part of the prize for becoming New Zealand's Gigatown.

UFB for home

Once work in your street is completed, we'll complete the work at the exchange and update our records in the following weeks. Talk to your telecommunications provider to order a UFB-based service. If they can't offer a service, find a provider that can.

What happens when you get fibre installed

We need to bring fibre from the street to your property. There are a number of ways we can do this including aerial, surface mounted cable or trenching. How you get your telecommunications services now is a good guide to how fibre will be delivered. We choose the option that causes the least disruption.

We need to install new equipment inside your property - the ONT and the router. Our technician will discuss with you where you would prefer this equipment is installed.

UFB for business

Fibre for schools