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Fibre installation

How do I prepare for my meeting with the Chorus technician?

So fibre’s now in your street and your order’s in. Nice work! Once you’ve placed your fibre order we get to work connecting the fibre from our network to your place. To get you hooked up, a Chorus technician will visit your house three times. The first visit (called a scoping visit) is to discuss and agree how the install will happen, and the second is to undertake the external work connecting from our network at your boundary to the outside of your house.
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How does Chorus build its fibre network in my street?

If Chorus is laying our fibre network in your area, the process starts by getting the fibre from the exchange to your street.
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Is the installation process different for different property types?

Yes. As every property is unique, we need to approach installation in a variety of ways. Also, the installation process we follow depends on the type of property you live in.
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